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27 September 2006 @ 09:20 am

Real Men Don't Make Cheesecake by apocalypsos. R, Dean/OFC, pre-series. This is made of so much awesome, I can't even begin. The whole thing makes me grin like you wouldn't believe. I reread this when I'm feeling blue.

The Days Don't End Here, My Friend by apocalypsos, R, Dean/Sam, but Dean/OFC. Well, the only thing I can think to offer you by way of summary is the author's "If you'd ask him, Dean would tell you he's going to die on the hunt. Good luck trying, pal."

The Way It Is by janissa11, PG13, slash, but not wincest. Dean/OMC. Sam catches Dean making out with a boy. Pre-series. :)


The Pugilists by la_folle_allure. In which she takes and breaks the Lindsay and Rachel’s 10 Easy Rules of RPS. Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Wentworth, Jensen/Jeff, Jensen/Tom, Jensen/Mike, Jensen/Tom/Mike, Jensen/Tom/Jared, NC17. Um, yes.

Ask Me Why by __tiana__, NC17, Jared/Jensen. Jared makes Jensen jealous. And it's hot.

Five Times Jensen Wasn't a Very Good Christian by miss_begonia, Rish, Jared/Jensen. Holy hot. Blasphemy can be soo good sometimes.

Four Months by estrella30, Jared/Jensen, NC-17. This is kind of different from her usual gorgeous fluff and romance, for it is made of angst. And that's the way I like it.
31 July 2006 @ 05:10 pm

man awoke being dragged across the grass by flipmontigirl, Sam/Dean, NC17. This one takes place at Stanford. And breaks my heart.


Sometimes, The Best Gifts In Life Are Free by anasuede, Jared/Jensen + Chad, NC17. Bahaha, this is hilarious and perfect, and I can just imagine Chad agreeing to this.

Things My Mother Taught Me by sevenfists, Jensen/Jared, NC17. Jared makes a bet with Chad, and he's gonna keep it.

Sharing is Caring by cherryscott, Jensen/Jared/Chris, NC17. Um. A hot threesome? I'm a sucker for Christian Kane and dirty talk.

All Talk And No Action by estrella30, Jensen/Chad, PG. This is hilarious, and hot, and I firmly believe that if Jensen and Chad ever did hook up? It would be exactly like this.

Dirty Pop by phaballa, R, Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Chris, Jared/Chad. A crack!fic boyband AU, and it's just so brilliant, that it's ridiculous. Imagine. Them. In a band called Project Mayhem. Featuring Kane, as the rival boyband. "And Jared? Your favorite color is blue. Stop saying pink, people will think you're a fag."

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Hurricane Jack by shrift, Jack/Will. ♥ I love great Jack characterization. Here, there be some.

It seems like all I'm rec'in lately is SPN and CW RPS. Don't be mad. Roll with it. :P
18 July 2006 @ 11:43 pm

People Living in Competition by ladyjaida, R. Sam/Dean. Everything's a competition.

Supernatural RPS:

Be A Good Man Just the Same and Other Rules to Live By by phaballa, NC17, Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Chris, Jensen/many others. She's one of my favorite rps authors out there, and this one is my absolute favorite. There's crazy hippie orgies, and drum circles, and weed, and angst, and perfect Chris Kane characterization. ♥ go forth and read!

The Song on Track Number 5 by strippedpink and la_folle_allure, NC17, Jared/Jensen. This is long. But so, so worth it. Just picturing Jensen singing is doing almost the exact same thing to me that it does to Jared. Guuuhhhh. And this comes with a perfect little soundtrack, too.

Cut to the Quick by sanyin, NC17, Jensen/Jeffery Dean Morgan. The reason I love this so much has everything to do with the fact the JDM's voice makes my insides go all squichy. I'm pretty sure he could reduce me to orgasm just by talking.

Coin Toss by azewewish, NC17, Jensen/Jeffery Dean Morgan (with a side of Jared). I didn't mean to rec two of this pairing in a row, but that's how the cookie crumbled. Nnnnghot.

Gilmore Girls:

Touch of Leather by wrenscribbles, adult, Dean/Tristan. This is excellent, because it's not just Tristan and Dean. It's Chad and Jared. And, heeee.


Pool Side by teand, Supernatural/Lost, Dean/Sawyer. Just... THIS PAIR! *flails* There's hustling and pool and little men.
15 June 2006 @ 11:14 am
Last night, I had the pleasure of reading two of the best peices on fanfiction ever written, and I'm being serious. They're both completely different, different fandoms, and hot in their own ways. The fact that I read them both yesterday was pure coincidence.

With this Ring by babyofthegroup is a CW RPS in which Jensen and Jared get married. I know, right? You're like, that's gotta be ridiculous. Only, it isn't. It's everything SPN rps should be, because it's humourous, and hot, and cute, and it's got Mayhem, and Mike & Tom, and Chris... and it's excellent. I seriously, seriously believe that if these two got married, it would be just like this. (r/nc17 ish)

Broken Toys by theohara which is a Veronica Mars ensemble drama in which Lilly doesn't die, but things go quite differently the day of the carwash. It's a little dark, and little cute, and a whole lot of awesome. The way every character is wrapped around Lilly's finger is quite strikingly real-seeming, and Logan's perfect, and Veronica's transformation and subsequent build-up of her outcast empire is just excellently handled. I felt like I was reading the real version of the shows events. (It's got some porn, though, with Logan/Veronica/Lilly, but if that's not your thing, read it anyway.)
13 June 2006 @ 04:34 pm

Ten Things About Kitty Pride by cadhla, Kitty/Bobby, R. This is kinda sad, but actually very cool, because it has some interesting ideas about how Kitty's powers work.

High Fever by salmon_pink, NC-17. This is everything a Bobby/John should be, angsty and angry.

Veronica Mars:

Rich Dirt by theohara, R. This fic has such excellent character insights. It gives a little background on Logan and Veronica's friendship pre-Lilly's death. I love it when Logan is snarky.

Supernatural RPS:

Enough by without_me and topaz119, Jared/Jensen, implied Jared/Mayhem, NC-17. This is... alright, this is hot. It's got strong d/s themes, which is actually extremely, extremely hot. I pretty much died.

Grey's Anatomy:

untitled drabble? by leah1878, R, George/Alex. This was written for the PORN BATTLE at oxoniensis's lj, and it's just gorgeously everything good Alex/George should be. George is reluctant and going crazy, and Alex is giving. :P


Fighting Dirty by cynthia_arrow, Supernatural/Lost, Dean/Sawyer, NC-17. Um, look at that pairing. Yeeeeeeeah. *is dead*
06 June 2006 @ 05:33 pm

Tempt Not a Desperate Man by elmo_loves_me, Dean/Sam, NC-17. This is hot. It's... well, it's a sex-pollen fic. One of those. Nnngh.

Harry Potter:

Fools by lalejandra, Blaise/Harry, R. This fic is the Slytherin, and angsty, and snarky, and excellent. "The first time the Dark Lord called and Blaise didn't answer, he was in the Potions laboratory, halfway through the creation of a perfect batch of Soporio."


Color Me In by coffee_in_bed, Grey's Anatomy/Supernatural, Izzie/John Winchester, PG-13. This kinda really breaks my heart.

In Harm's Way by dark_roast, Supernatural/Veronica Mars, Dean Winchester and Logan Echolls, PG-13. Two guys meet in a bar. ♥

The Made-Up Things by fire_and_a_rose, Narnia/Harry Potter, PG. ♥♥♥ This is soo incredibly good. Beautiful, even. If you've read these books, go. Quickly.

New Member by corellianjedi, Lost/Robert Pattinson


Five Things That Never Happened to Hayden Christensen by hackthis, different ratings. Just take a look at these pairings: Hayden/Ewan, Hayden/Ryan Atwood, Viggo/Orlando, Hayden/Ryan Gosling, Hayden/Jude Law. Yeeeeah.
28 May 2006 @ 01:15 am
Supernatural RPS:

You Must Remember This by estrella30, Jared/Jensen, NC-17. This is an amnesia fic. Enough said?

I also strongly rec everything she's ever written in this fandom; it;s all so hot I could die.
27 May 2006 @ 10:08 am

Down the Line by txtequilanights, Dean/Sam, R. This is just short, hot, phone sex. I never knew something with just dialogue could be so gorgeous.
27 May 2006 @ 12:33 am
Veronica Mars:

we remember our bedrooms by amerella. Lilly, R. The Lilly voice here is just flawless, along with all the other characterizations that pop up. She didn’t hook up with Logan Echolls so that he’d whisper silly, pretty little things into her ear; she hooked up with him because he yanked on her hair, hard, in the eighth grade, and he said smarmily: I trust elementary school taught you what it means when a boy pulls your pigtails?

The Wallace Inquisition by jwynn. Wallace & Veronica, PG-13. Heee, this is perfection. It's got everything I need... Wallace and Veronica as bestfriends forevah, and Logan/Veronica as a side project. Not to mention that Wallace and Veronica are both written incredibly. <3

Marked by geneli4, Logan/Weevil, NC-17. You don't get Logan/Weevil much hotter than this. It's a little fluffy, but it's perfect.
25 May 2006 @ 12:05 pm
Jared Padalecki (Supernatural):

The Delicate Place by starstillwonder, NC-17, Jared/OFC. This is a Mary-Sue-put-youself-in-it sort of thing, but it's so completely gorgeously hot, that I had to point you to it.
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